Success Story

To promote the launch of Jurassic World™: The Game, the game developer worked with its agency to test different types of video mobile app ads on Facebook, resulting in 26% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Their Story

Ludia Games is a cross-platform gaming studio that creates and distributes interactive entertainment with mass consumer appeal. Based in Montreal, its innovative and high-quality product portfolio includes Jurassic World™: The Game, Family Feud™, Dragons: Rise of Berk and more.

Their Goal

Ludia wanted to efficiently acquire high-value players during the launch of Jurassic World™: The Game, and find out which ad format would acquire new players more efficiently.

Their Solution

Partnering with Facebook advertising and creative agency Unique Influence, Ludia set up a test between video and image mobile app ads to see which format would acquire new players more efficiently.

To target these ads prior to the launch of the game, the agency used app events and mobile app Custom Audiences to track lists of people who had installed the app and those who had made in-app purchases. Once the list of purchasers reached 1,000 people, Ludia began to build a Lookalike Audience based on it. This allowed the developer to show ads to people on Facebook who shared key characteristics with the purchasers.

Once the Lookalike Audience of initial purchasers list was large enough, Ludia further refined its targeting by generating another Lookalike Audience based on the highest-value in-app purchasers. The developer also targeted ads to people interested in casual/board games, turn-based strategy games and Jurassic Park movies.

Unique Influence continued to test both ad formats through the first few weeks of the launch to determine which one was performing better.

Their Creative

Design teams at both Unique Influence and Ludia created static images and video clips featuring stunning shots from Jurassic World™: The Game across a variety of themes. Video clips showed an action-packed 30 seconds of gameplay, while static images featured dramatic shots of dinosaurs in battle, overlaid with the brand logo.

Their Success

Ludia’s video ads outperformed static images throughout the launch period, which began May 28, 2015. Based on this success, the company plans to continue using video mobile app ads to introduce Jurassic World™: The Game to new audiences everywhere. Results for video ads versus ads with static images include:

  • 30% higher yield
  • 26% lower effective CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
  • 36% lower cost per daily active user