In his article, How to Select the Right Gift for Someone You Appreciate (In Business), Brett Hurt–founder of BazaarVoice–writes it’s important to give a gift that is, “personal, memorable, and meaningful.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Brett was kind enough to include Unique Influence, and our holiday gift, as an example of a memorable one. Everything we do, we do for our clients and our partners, so we wanted to send a business thank you gift that represented the vibrancy and creativity of our Austin roots. See below for some of Brett’s insights on selecting an impactful business gift (with 10 days until Christmas, it’s not too late!) and read his full article here.

  • Think. As Apple advertised, think different. As Seth Godin wrote, be the Purple Cow. Make your gift meaningful, rememberable, and impactful. Make it personal. What are your values? Is this a gift you yourself would want to receive? Is this a gift that will get people talking? Is it worthy of their word of mouth?
  • If it is a t-shirt or some other piece of apparel (hoodie, anyone?), mark time. Don’t just put your logo on it. Have something on the t-shirt that marks that time in history. The journey is the reward, so leave stakes in the ground behind as you mark the journey. Going back to revisit those stakes at some future date, just like you do when looking back at the photos from a family vacation, helps you remember just how great it was.
  • When you host an event, think about the venue and the theme…Yes, again, sweat the small details. They matter. If you want the attendees to talk about your event for months after, make it meaningful, rememberable, and impactful. Make it personal. Make it entertaining.


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015!