Their Story

Beachbody, the makers of P90X, INSANITY, Shakeology, PIYO, & the other top-selling fitness + nutrition programs worked with Unique Influence to expand its advertising with Facebook video. Unique Influence worked on the campaign for Country Heat, their newest offering, and saw amazing performance & growth when video was added to the mix.

The Goal

Beachbody wanted to find a way to reach a large audience with their latest exercise program, Country Heat.

Their Solution

Beachbody cut a short, entertaining Country Heat video with an enjoyable viral video feel that encouraged high levels of like, comment, and share behavior. Unique Influence focused on testing combinations of creative and audiences that met their CPA goal. Using a predictive attribution model, Unique Influence was able to scale the campaigns confidently by 100% within 14 days and 200% within 21 days of the campaign launch. Through a rapid creative testing process, the Country Heat videos drove 4X the rate of video views compared to industry benchmarks.

Their Success

Beachbody’s Country Heat product launch campaign was a great success due to the use of video and predictive attribution model.

The campaign achieved:

  • 100% increase in orders within 2 weeks
  • 158% net increase in orders throughout campaign
  • 4X rate of video views compared to industry benchmarks

1.5 million

video views


net increase in orders after video was introduced


rate of video views compared to industry benchmarks


campaign scale within 21 days of launch

By partnering with Unique Influence to manage advertising on Facebook, Beachbody has been able to rapidly launch new products and reach a point of profitability at scale.