Their Story

Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour. Unique Influence runs geo-specific campaigns to acquire new customers and reactivate existing customers for Favor.

Geographic Targeting

Favor is available in 24 cities across the United States and Canada, and Unique Influence runs advertising campaigns in 15 geos. The delivery area in each city is limited to certain zip codes, which posed an interesting challenge to solve for our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising campaigns.

Audiences are small when targeting by zip code, so our goal was to maximize the relevancy of people in those areas. There are two ways of targeting zip codes: based on people currently in the area or based on people who live in the area. We target people who reside in a zip code versus people who have been there recently so it’s more likely they will be interested in ordering food delivery to their home.

Facebook also offers an ad unit that targets local awareness. You pick a certain point, such as a storefront, and then target within a radius of that point. We used this unit to create a high level of awareness in a local area, then retargeted the people who saw or interacted with the ad later when they were ready to order food.

Manually calculating bids for these keywords was also a laborious process. Consequently, they were slow to react to competitive shifts in highly volatile auction environments. Optimizing new, long-tail keywords, which are typically characterized by limited data, was also challenging. Without sufficient data, Silvercar struggled to calculate optimal bids with confidence to drive their aggressive booking goals.

Retargeting at the right time

Just because we show people ads featuring delicious food doesn’t mean they will be ready to order right that second. Our strategy incorporated both a brand and performance angle, where some of the ads were to make people aware of the brand while others were specifically meant to drive immediate orders.

We deliver highly customized creative based on the best selling products to a very engaged and qualified audience. We think of the initial interaction as a prequalification for this type of advertising. Reengagement is 25% of the budget but it drives the majority of our yield.

Testing fo Success

Our success with Favor came from rigorous testing of creative, audiences, and tactical approaches. We found out the best way to target right people in a geographic area at the right time, with the right message. We continue testing to this day to make sure we are meeting and exceeding the client KPI goals for the campaigns.

Our successful Favor campaigns continue our history of local performance and branding campaigns on social media channels.


higher yield for video ads versus static images


lower effective cost per mille for video ads versus static images


lower cost per daily active user for video ads versus static images