Success Story

OXO wanted to raise brand awareness and purchase consideration to new and existing audiences by using Facebook’s powerful suite of ad types and targeting options.

Their Story

OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. OXO studies people—lefties and righties, male and female, young and old—interacting with products and they identify opportunities for meaningful improvement.

Their Goal

OXO’s goal was to drive users down the purchase funnel. Although the majority of the products they sell are purchased either in store or through partner retailers, OXO decided to drive ads to their website and blog to educate consumers on the brand and the wide array of products that they sell.

Their Solution

Unique Influence built a three-tiered campaign that focused on driving awareness and purchase consideration.

To drive awareness, Unique Influence introduced new products to existing fans by using video, slideshow and link ads, which drove users to blog content highlighting how OXO tools can be used to make everyday tasks like cooking easier. Unique Influence also connected with new audiences by identifying user groups that were likely to be interested in the OXO brand but had not given strong signals of awareness. We used video and slideshow creative for these new audiences, which allowed for future campaigns to include custom audiences of those who engaged.

Unique Influence drove users down the funnel toward the consideration phase by targeting video completer audiences, website custom audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences built from brand awareness campaigns. We measured success by tracking clicks to the website or other onsite actions like adding a product to your cart.

Implementing dynamic product ads was the final step in moving audiences down the conversion funnel. By uploading the product catalog to Facebook, Unique Influence was able to show specific product ads based on what users had already viewed on the OXO website.

Their Success

Using a three tiered approach to driving users down the path to purchase, OXO was able to see tremendous efficiencies with their Facebook advertising. The campaign has been highly successful in moving every key metric for OXO.

  • 87% increase in brand awareness amongst new audiences
  • 166% increase in click through rate for users in the consideration phase
  • 79.5% reduction in cost per click on link clicks to blog content


increase in brand awareness amongst new audiences


increase in click through rate for users in the consideration phase


reduction in cost per click on link clicks to blog content

Unique Influence’s full funnel approach to advertising on Facebook has played a critical role in the marketing efforts for OXO. We’ve been able to efficiently reach our desired audiences with highly customizable creative and targeting combinations.