Their Story

PuppySpot is a service that helps individuals and families find their perfect puppy through a national network of screened, vetted and qualified breeders. PuppySpot partnered with Unique Influence in order to decrease their cost per lead and increase overall lead volume. 

Through a well structured retargeting approach, Unique Influence made thoughtful changes to their retargeting structure to ensure we were serving the right message and ad format in the appropriate stage of the funnel.

Their Solution

The partnership began with PuppySpot’s heightened focus on increasing lead volume and decreasing cost per action for their puppy leads. Unique Influence focused heavily on audience consolidation and creative and bid test strategies in order to meet and exceed expectations.

Through audience consolidation we were able to obtain more control over spend and lean on the Facebook algorithm to deliver impressions accordingly. Within these audiences, we delivered creative that was designed to speak to the user along their journey down funnel. In addition, we bid appropriately for each stage of the funnel, allowing us to drive more leads at a lower cost.

Their Success

PuppySpot’s overall efficiency increased in the first month following the initial Unique Influence partnership. Furthermore, the Unique Influence strategy conclusively yielded:

  • 13% decrease in cost per lead
  • 17% increase in lead volume the first month and 47% the following month
  • 16% increase in total spend


decrease in cost per lead


increase in lead volume the first month


increase the following month


increase in total spend