Their Story

TaskRabbit is an on-demand service platform that instantly connects you with Taskers in your community. The Taskers do your chores so that you can be more productive. Their easy to use platform allows you to pick from common or customized tasks which will get sent out to their network. Once you find your Tasker you can manage scheduling, communication and payment directly on the platform.

Their Goal

TaskRabbit wanted to find new customers looking to get tasks done in multiple markets around the country.

Their Solution

TaskRabbit worked with Unique Influence to craft a unified message across multiple advertising channels. At the core of the TaskRabbit business model is intent driven searches on Google. TaskRabbit has been able to grow this part of the advertising program by expanding the keyword base and consistently monitoring underperforming queries. In order to capitalize on non-converting traffic, Unique Influence built out a retargeting program on Facebook. By serving ads to users who have already shown intent, we’ve been able to convert what could have been lost users.

TaskRabbit has also participated in iTunes Search Ads Beta with a goal of driving mobile app installs. iTunes Search Ads have proved to be an efficient source of users, with acquisition costs significantly below TaskRabbit’s goals.

Their Success

Since starting to work with Unique Influence in January of 2016, TaskRabbit has seen

  • 146% increase in tasks sent
  • .5% improvement in CVR
  • 14% higher CTR in their search program

They have also seen efficiencies in their supporting programs on other channels.


increase in task requests sent


improvement in CVR


increase in CTR

Unique Influence has been a fantastic partner to work with over the past year. Our digital acquisition and retention programs are working seamlessly together thanks to their strategic vision