CEO Ryan Pitylak Sits Down With The Examiner

By March 21, 2014 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

Unique Influence CEO recently sat down with Casey Sherley of the Examiner to discuss the direction of social media advertising in 2014.

From the Examiner:

For businesses advertising for direct customer response, Mr. Pitylak said the most important consideration was choosing the right kind of third-party marketing agency. He stressed the importance of choosing a third-party agency using best-of-breed tools, tools like Nanigans for Facebook marketing.

Additionally, Mr. Pitylak stressed the importance of choosing a marketing agency that has mastered the iterative process of advertising on social media. It’s important to pick an agency with experience and an understanding of the process so it can promote successful campaigns and prune the lame ducks, thus getting the most out of ad spend.


Read the whole article here.