Game Developers


March 18-22

San Francisco, CA

Medium Speaking Sponsorship

(269-280 people)


Alex Pan (Director, Performance Marketing, Seriously Digital Entertainment)

Conrad McGee-Stocks (Growth Lead, Uken Games)

Rose Agozzino (Sr. Marketing Specialist, Ludia)


Gone in 15 Seconds: Acquiring Sticky Players in an Instant World

In order to acquire and retain high value users, creative can no longer be “one size fits all.” Many gaming companies know how to create compelling creative for feed (IG/FB), but fewer know how to create content for emerging inventory sources like Stories and Messenger. During this session, we will be discussing the testing process for our top performing creative assets and how we subsequently iterated upon our findings. Join to learn about how to create content for emerging inventory sources and perform strategic testing to ensure your game successfully navigates changes in advertising inventory, user behavior, and platforms.

Take Away

Attendees will leave this session with a thorough understanding of how to create, test and iterate on top-performing creative for emerging inventory sources.

Intended Audience

This session is intended for creative marketing and growth marketing professionals. We will discuss best practices, learnings, and key takeaways from both the agency and client perspectives.

Other Panelists

Eleanor Haeg (Head of Creative Strategy, Unique Influence)

Taylor Lundgren (Sr. Digital Manager, Unique Influence)