Connect to Customers with Micro-Targeted Facebook Ads

By May 12, 2013 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

The most crucial element of effective social advertising is learning everything possible about your customers. Once you know exactly who your most valuable customers are, you can use that information to grow your customer base.

I’ve developed a way to create micro-targeted Facebook ads using Facebook’s Lookalike Feature and an email data append service from Rapleaf, one of my preferred data services.

Facebook’s Lookalike feature is already a powerful tool because it helps you identify prospective customers that share important traits with your current customers. And when you introduce further targeting using information gleaned from Rapleaf, it becomes exponentially more powerful.

I use Rapleaf to export data about my most valuable customers and identify any commonalities in age, gender, and zip code.  This gives me very specific demographics that I can use for further targeting. By introducing this additional targeting to my Lookalike Audiences, I can then create finely tuned, micro-targeted ads.

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