Drive CTR on Facebook With The Right Targeting & The Right Creative

By April 18, 2014 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

Success on Facebook depends on two distinct components: proper audience targeting and compelling creative. In order to develop the right targeting and then create ads that will resonate with those audiences, we use a four step process: Investigation, Development, Test Run, and Rev Up.

In the Investigation stage, the goal is to determine the client’s goals, branding, and target audiences. In the Development stage, this information is used to develop positioning and a marketing plan that includes images and copy variations that will be used to create ads.

Once these ads have been approved by the client, the Test Run phase begins and we launch the ads on Facebook and run them against each other to determine which combinations produce the best results. Finally, we use this data to scale the campaign in the Rev Up phase and start running a large number of ads.

Read more about our four-step process on FBPCC.com.