Entering Creative Minds of Unique Influence

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Think about the last time you used Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social network. If you are like most people, you probably imagined being on your smartphone. You scroll while standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for the train, eating dinner, or on the down low while you are in a boring meeting (not me). You scroll through hundreds of posts from friends, publishers and advertisers who are all battling for your attention.

What stops your thumb when scrolling? Probably puppies.

As advertisers, we know compelling creative is crucial to campaign success. Not everyone will be interested in your ads — and that’s OK. Studies show that you only have three seconds to capture a user’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed. So how do you create an ad that will both capture a user’s attention and convey the intended message? We believe it all comes down to a well-defined process.

We find that brands who keep their creative production in-house often run into several problems including idea fatigue, resource constraints, and poor performance. Working with a creative team who has grown up creating ads for social channels can be the answer to these problems.

At Unique Influence, we know social. That means we know how to create ads that work.
We have a defined creative process we use to help our clients succeed. We start by asking questions. Nobody knows more about your brand than you do. We need to know what makes your brand tick, what you’ve done in the past, where you see yourself going in the future, who your customers are, what assets exist — and the list goes on.

The brief is our guide to your brand and helps
us stay on track when creating assets.

From there we will work together with the brand to create a brief. The brief is our guide to your brand and helps us stay on track when creating assets. It describes your business to the creatives so they get an understanding of who you are. We’ll make sure your goals are well defined. Are you looking to raise brand awareness or are you looking to acquire users for your app? We include any specific demographic limitations or information because we don’t want to assume we know your customers. We also include any insights about your target audience. We want to use these audience insights to inspire action. Finally, we will define the specifications of the ads, including ad types, number of ads, and overall direction.

Once our brief has been created, we’ll distribute to the team to prepare for a brainstorming session. We ask that all who brainstorm read the brief, do some research, and bring a few initial ideas to the session.

Sometimes technology plays a part in the process. For example, we use Sensor Tower to aid our competitive research for mobile applications. Sensor Tower allows us to access powerful data and insights within both app stores. It can provide inspiration by giving us a look at top performing ads across many different platforms. It can also show us where there are opportunities to place our ads based on inventory. Sensor Tower has become a major part of our creative arsenal.

The goal of the brainstorming is to come up with some of the best concepts and we use a system to achieve success. We do not allow laptops in the room when we are brainstorming because we find minimizing distractions for everyone helps us stay on track. In fact, we have a safe word for whenever someone does get off track…pineapple. If someone goes off on a tangentstarts talking about something off-topic, we say “pineapple” to bring ourselves back to focus. We’ll also call out (politely) anyone who isn’t paying attention. Brainstorming is a powerful activity that is an extremely important part of our creative process.

Out of our brainstorming sessions we’ll agree on concepts for our initial ad testing sets. We’ll create storyboards and mock-ups which we then present to our clients. Once we’re given feedback and the green light, we’ll produce our first round of assets.

This is where the fun really starts with our creative testing! Our best practice includes launching new creative to top performing audiences. After a day of spend, our ad managers will evaluate creative performance to pause down any underperforming ads and swap in new creative to compete with the winners from day one. This ongoing process allows us to constantly rotate in new creative and stay ahead of ad fatigue.

Once we have identified top performing concepts, our creative team creates new executions in an iterative process. Changing small details within an ad can help avoid decreased performance due to ad fatigue. We can change several parts of the ad including:

  • Colors within the ad
  • Headlines or body copy
  • Main visuals
  • Call to action

Our talented creative team produces beautiful static image ads as well as video assets. We work with existing assets and create from scratch to put together a portfolio of ads to test.

The creative process allows us to profitably scale campaigns for our clients. An analysis of our work shows that when we spend 5-10 hours a month on creative we see 50% more volume at goal on average. When we work 15+ hours a month on creative we see 116% more volume on average. Creative testing leads to significant efficiency and scale gains that other types of testing rarely provide.

Our work with Beachbody is an example of how great creative allows you to scale. Our creative team edited a long-form video that was produced by the Beachbody production team. The video was optimized for a Facebook mobile newsfeed experience. This included an eye-catching hook to start the video and captions because most videos are played with the sound off. As a result, we were able to scale spend by 200% within the first 3 weeks of the product launch.

Having a second creative team that sits outside of your walls can be a real benefit. We can create high performing ads with a fresh set of eyes. Our performance speaks for itself. Our team will put in the work to brainstorm ideas and create new concepts for any social channel. Contact us today to learn how you can boost your ad performance.