Facebook Carousel Ads Drive Outstanding Results for Ecommerce Brand Tuckernuck

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Tuckernuck is an online boutique offering products with “a timeless look based on ease, tradition and American cool.”


Like many ecommerce brands, Tuckernuck needed a cost-effective social advertising solution to help new customers discover their business and bring previous customers and website visitors back to their site. In short, Tuckernuck wanted to run great ads to highly relevant audiences while reducing overall costs.

To solve this, Tuckernuck and Unique Influence worked together to develop a Facebook advertising strategy built around a strong testing methodology which unlocked the power of Facebook carousel ads.

Campaign Performance from Carousel Ads
Creative testing revealed that carousel ads, which feature multiple products for sale rather than just one product, were a perfect creative match for Tuckernuck’s product line and a significant driver behind outstanding campaign performance.

A few of the successful results Unique Influence achieved for Tuckernuck included:

  • Using Facebook carousel ads to deliver a 16% boost in ROAS and a $41 boost in AOV in prospect campaigns to new customers
  • Using Facebook carousel ads to deliver a 20% boost in ROAS and a $13 boost in AOV in remarketing campaigns to website visitors
  • Discovering that carousel ads drive both high engagement and on average, higher average order values

The Tuckernuck Facebook Ad Strategy
Fresh and eye-catching ad creative was vital to this Facebook ad strategy. Creative needed to convey the lifestyle of the Tuckernuck brand and connect with the target audiences most likely to make purchases and deliver sales results.

To reach a strong target audience, Unique Influence implemented a two-pronged strategy focused on prospecting to a new customer base and retargeting to existing customers. This strategy involved tapping into a combination of Facebook lookalike audiences, built around segments of existing customers, as well as interest-based targeting, and retargeting aimed at
Facebook users who had visited the Tuckernuck website without making a purchase.

Testing Single Image Ads vs. Carousel Ads
Over the first month of testing Facebook carousel ads, Unique Influence found that carousel ads delivered higher than average return on ad spend and higher average order value for Tuckernuck.

Want to learn more? Read the full case study here or contact us today to learn how Facebook carousel ads could help your company achieve outstanding results using Facebook advertising.