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Facebook Case Study: Client Ludia Scores Top Grossing Game

By April 14, 2015 March 16th, 2017 No Comments

Game studio Ludia partnered with Unique Influence to launch Jurassic World: The Game™ with Facebook mobile app install ads. The launch drove the game into a top 10 grossing spot on the app store. Facebook included Ludia and Unique Influence as a featured Success Story on the site.

We worked with Ludia to create and test image ads versus video ads to see which format would lead to more efficient acquisition of new players. We also hoped to learn which format would lead to the most high-value players over time. The test results showed:

– 30% higher yield for video ads than photo ads
– 26% lower effective CPM for video ads than photo ads
– 36% lower cost per daily active user for video ads than photo ads

Before the launch of the game we set up app events and custom audiences for both people who had installed the app and made a purchase within the game. When we had enough data, we created lookalike audiences so we could show ads to people who shared attributes with the purchasing audience. With these audiences we were ready to embark on our creative test to find out whether images or videos performed better.

We collaborated with Ludia to make the creative for testing. We focused on the impressive dinosaur imagery and fighting gameplay video. For images, we used action-packed shots of dinosaurs battling it out. For videos we created 30-second clips based on gameplay action straight from the battle arena. Our tests results showed us that video was better at increasing yield, lowering effective CPM, and lowering cost per daily active user.

“Unique Influence transformed our user acquisition efforts through collaboration on creative and expert use of Nanigans, making it possible to acquire high value players at scale from Facebook. This partnership helped Jurassic World become a top 10 grossing game,” François Daoud, VP of Marketing at Ludia, said.

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