How I benchmark Facebook Page Performance with BlitzMetrics

By August 23, 2013 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

I have found that BlitzMetrics is a particularly helpful Facebook page analysis tool that lets me quickly and easily peer into important competitive benchmarks for our clients.

Facebook provides a host of out-of-the box metrics, such as page likes, reach, and engagement.  As a thoughtful social media marketer, you would look at the individual engagement metrics for each post, which are also conveniently located on the Facebook page insights screen.

One of the major challenges with Facebook’s out of the box reporting is that it’s difficult to benchmark your performance against your competitors.  This is why I use BlitzMetrics to run this comparison.  Below is an example of a sample competitive analysis run measuring data for, One King’s Lane, and Wayfair.

Competitor view

With this “Comparison View”, I can compare the activity and engagement of each competitor.  We use this view to quickly identify the audience size and engagement levels our clients need to obtain to remain competitive.

Another cool feature is that I can quickly view key metrics about recent posts.  Many of these metrics are available through Facebook insights if you export your past performance data, but this view is easier for me because I can avoid the step of exporting the data and manipulating it in Excel.

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