Landing Pages and Conversion Rate Optimization

By February 18, 2013 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a huge priority for Chief Marketing Officers. When CRO comes up with my clients, I often suggest focusing on landing page optimization. I have seen so many instances where an implementation or a re-design of an existing landing page has led to a boost in overall conversions.

In years past, it has been a best practice to spend a lot of energy on optimizing media buys. While smart media spend is certainly still important, there is considerable evidence that this strategy alone is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive environment. As I tell my clients, the impact of improving conversions has a much bigger impact than making changes to media spend.

While many agencies still focus solely on making the perfect media buys, at Unique Influence we launch our new digital marketing campaigns with an integrated strategy that values strong landing page design and optimization along with savvy media spend. We see big wins when our media and design teams work closely together to create consistent messaging and build specific conversion-boosting elements across the entire site.

For example, we recently helped an established brand launch their online advertising. We began by devoting 30 days to testing several rounds of landing page layouts, which subsequently increased conversions by 20%. At the end of this testing, we found the winning format was a simple one-page form with a headline. The design was implemented, and conversion rates increased by 128% over the next 30 days.

In another case, we were helping a new product enter the market. We tested several unique landing page experiences: a homepage with lots of details about the product, a video-focused landing page with selling messages that linked to a product details page where they could place an order, a product details page with video, and a product details page without video. We also tested different benefit messaging and content block placements by creating minor variations within each landing page experience. By far, the product details page with video variation converted the best.

This sort of testing is a very valuable part of our process. We have learned that even very small changes can make a difference in conversion rate. For example, Unbounce recently published a case study on the importance of call to action (CTA) placement. They conducted an A/B test where the sole difference in landing page design was the placement of the CTA within a pricing grid. The winning page, which featured a CTA at the top of the pricing grid, raised conversions by 41%. Our tests often yield similar results, reinforcing that even small changes can make a big difference.

If CRO is on your mind for the coming year, it may be time to optimize or create your landing pages. When smart design, thoughtful testing, and intelligent media buys are combined, I have seen that it can make a big difference in overall conversion rates.