Leverage Creative Strategy to Build Successful Facebook Campaigns

By March 18, 2014 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

Next to audience targeting, creative is the most important factor to a Facebook campaign’s success. In order to find creative that will resonate, we’ve developed a methodical process for creating the right images and copy to use for our ads.

We break our creative process into four phases: discovery, creation, testing, and scale.

The discovery phase is where we meet with a new client to gather information about their company. We’ll ask a series of questions about their brand, target audience, and advertising goals, then use these answers to develop key messages and campaign ideas.

Next, in the creation phase, we’ll take these messages and ideas to create an advertising plan that includes fleshed out concepts and targeting information. We’ll pitch concepts to the client, create ads, then go through rounds of feedback and iteration until we finally have ads that are ready to test.

Now we enter the testing phase. Using an iterative process, we pause the worst performing ads while creating new variations of the best performing ads. Once we have sets of particularly successful ads, we’ll rotate through the best-performers every few days to help prevent ad fatigue.

Finally, we can scale. We look at our best-performing audience segments to build new audience targets and continue creating ad concepts that will appeal to these users.

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