President Obama Praises Austin’s Innovative Tech Community

By May 14, 2013 April 10th, 2017 No Comments


President Obama’s visit to Austin last week was an exciting milestone for the local tech community. The president was in town to kick off his Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tours, a series that will promote the economy-boosting power of middle class jobs.

As part of his visit, the President stopped in at Capital Factory, a high-tech incubator and co-working space, where he was briefed on the ways the local ecosystem enables startups to succeed.

Anyone involved in the Austin business community can tell you that our incredible start-up culture has been significantly enhanced by the efforts of Capital Factory, and specifically Josh Baer. In addition to supporting early-stage businesses by providing mentorship, physical space, and learning opportunities for entrepreneurs, Capital Factory hosts the Startup Crawl, an event where over 5,000 participants explore local startups pub-crawl style.

During the President’s visit, he praised Austin for its pro-business, pro-innovation environment, describing the community as “fostering and encouraging”, a well-earned commendation that will invigorate local entrepreneurs and strengthen Austin’s reputation as a growing, thriving business community.

Companies that grow from start-up to IPO, such as Bazaarvoice and Homeaway, have created excitement about starting a company in Austin.  Accelerators like Thinktiv help smart entrepreneurs turn ideas into lucrative products and strong brands. Venture capitalists like Austin Ventures invest in the next big idea.

These companies give rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors, who will go on to start and fund the next set of companies. And our healthy local network of Angel investors means there will be funding available to keep this cycle going.

Unique Influence has had the opportunity to work with companies in Austin’s startup ecosystem, including Bigcommerce, SpareFoot, uShip, BuildASign, OtherInbox, Thinktiv, MapMyFitness, Food on the Table, Outbox, and OnRamp. We help our clients bridge the conversion gap between an incredible idea and a profitable business by finding targeted, valuable customers.

We are proud to a part of this community and work with some of the city’s most innovative people. This visit from the President is sign of the big things to come for Austin tech, and we’re really excited to be a part of it.