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Shoppable Video Ads on Facebook Now Available

By March 31, 2017 No Comments

The Collection ad format is now available on Facebook mobile news feeds. Collection allows us to pair a video or photo with four clickable product images within the mobile news feed.

When clicking on a product in the Collection ad unit, a user will be taken to a full-screen display within Facebook that displays up to 50 products. All products come from your product catalog which is uploaded to Facebook. A user can browse through all related products before clicking through to the website.

Video continues to be a big push for Facebook. Combining video with shoppable ads is a huge opportunity for e-commerce brands. One that we are testing right now with our client, Wanderer Bracelets.

We used a high performing video to feature in this Collection ad. The video highlights several top selling Wanderer Bracelets. Once a user see’s something that captures their attention, they can scroll through the products and click to buy from the website.

Even if your brand doesn’t have video assets produced, our design team can create thumb stopping content to promote. Early tests are showing that this is an ad product that you need to test if you are an e-commerce brand.

Interested in testing out shoppable video ads on Facebook? Reach out and speak to a social media expert today.