Silvercar Receives $14 Million Series B Funding

By September 25, 2014 April 7th, 2017 No Comments

Silvercar, launched in 2012, is an Austin-based app startup that rents silver Audi A4s at U.S. airports. And it also happens to be a Unique Influence client. We are excited to share that Silvercar has just received $14 million in Series B funding from Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Saverin, a self-proclaimed “prolific traveler,” said he first encountered Silvercar as a customer and was impressed by his ability to rent a car without needing to talk to or interact with a human.

Silvercar has tapped into success through simplicity and speed. Unlike traditional rental car companies, Silvercar features little human touch, no paper-based processes, and no upsells. Instead, users can pick up pre-booked cars by simply scanning a QR code on the car door. Silvercar prices Audis at $89 on weekdays and $59 on weekend days. Navigation, satellite radio, Wi-Fi, and more usually included.

This impressive round of funding was also led by Velos Partners, where Saverin is chairman. Saverin says he will take on a more involved role at Silvercar in the upcoming months. Previously, Silvercar raised $18 million in 2012.

Congrautions, Silvercar, on your well-deserved success!

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