Steps to Maintain Steady ROI with Facebook App Advertising

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If you are looking for an opportunity to generate immediate ROI by advertising on Facebook, here are a few simple steps to follow to achieve positive results.

Get Set Up on Facebook

Begin by integrating the Facebook SDK into your app. Not to worry, there are easy to follow steps if you are new to the app game. You’ll want to have your app approved by the Facebook team once you have completed coding.

Setting Up Your Target Audience

Compile a list of your competitors in order to set up a target audience list. Facebook users that “like” your competitors on the social platform will be obvious candidates for target marketing. Span you target list even more by considering additional brands your ideal customers would be interested in. What kind of apps would your ideal customer have on their phone? Include this information in your research to get a feel of what they are looking for in an app. Group your interest groups into sets of 500K people or more and build a lookalike audience based on your current customers.

Develop Ad Concepts

Using images will generate additional interest in your ads. Create several versions of an image that you want to use in your ads. The best images contain a clear “call to action” and use artwork or graphics from the app or game. Create these images in a 600×360 format. Limit text in the image to less than 20% of the image (white space does not count toward image dimensions). Develop ads with the various image and text combinations, don’t stick to just one. What you find works in one market may not work in the next.

Create App Summary

Describe your app in 90 characters or less and make sure this copy is compelling enough to get the customer to notice. Create several versions of the text to test because no single version will appeal to every target audience. Include a direct call to action, such as “Download Now” so the person is compelled to download the app. If your app summary got them this far, include an incentive to download if you have one.

Running Your Ad Campaign

Create a unique campaign for each of the ad concepts and interest groups. Narrow down your ads to your targeted demographic profiles such as age and gender. Launch these campaigns using Facebook’s optimized CPM feature. Depending on whether you’re using a tool that reports back revenue, pause underperforming ads based on their ROI (Return on Investment) or CPI (Cost per Install). Run successive rounds of expansion and optimization based on your top performing campaigns. Expect to optimize every day and spend considerable time analyzing results and considering additional opportunities for growth.

In Closing

This may sound like it requires a lot of work and expertise to do well and many companies hire an agency to do this work but if you decide to go it alone, you’ll now have a clear roadmap to building and optimizing a high performance Facebook app advertising campaign.

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