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The Big Opportunity in the Facebook Mobile Newsfeed

By April 9, 2013 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

One of the most exciting opportunities in mobile marketing right now is in Facebook’s mobile newsfeed.

As I explain on today, mobile clicks on Facebook are currently incredibly cheap. The market is uncompetitive and larger companies are largely absent, which has created an imbalance in supply and demand.

These conditions won’t last, as more and more advertisers will begin to allocate budget to Facebook mobile advertising over time. The tide is already starting to turn. eMarketer reported last week that Facebook is expected to take almost three of every 10 mobile ad revenue dollars this year.

This is the time to capitalize on a fleeting opportunity and get into the Facebook mobile advertising game before prices rise. I recommend taking these five actions as soon as possible:

1. Mobile optimize both your website and landing page.

2. Design and create ads that are customized for a mobile-sized screen.

3. Target users by creating highly precise micro-segments and “lookalike” segments, groups of people that are based on the profiles of your current mobile and app users.

4.Target the “News Feed (Mobile Only)” with specially crafted ads.

5. If you are promoting an app, be sure to integrate with the Facebook SDK first.