‘Tis the Season to Plan Your Digital Holiday Ad Campaigns

By September 10, 2014 April 7th, 2017 No Comments

According to Google’s Customer Survey, 30% of holiday customers start shopping before Halloween, and nearly half plan to purchase gifts online. So, as the holiday shopping season nears, now is the time to plan and launch successful holiday campaigns in the digital space.

Executing a digital holiday campaign as early as mid-September to October can promote brand preference even before the first snowfall. Whether you focus on PPC and/or social media this year, a few smart moves can go a long way in maximizing your holiday revenue.

1. Shoot for the moon. Work with your team to define campaign goals and outline audiences to target and re-target.

2. Up your spend. Don’t be afraid to splurge. Increase bids and budgets to help your brand remain competitive in the crowded holiday marketplace. For example, in Facebook during Q4, revenue per click may increase enough to offset added inventory costs.

3. Think broad. Expand your keyword set to focus on holiday and seasonal terms. Consider new audiences in Facebook and display that may be viable during the holiday season.

4. Get creating! Plan specific retargeting campaigns for major holiday shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the day after Christmas.

5. Say it loud and proud. Generate additional ads that speak to your promotions. Be sure to emphasize sales, giveaway incentives, and time-sensitive offers.

6. Bring it all together. Integrate your online, mobile, and in-store marketing strategies to ensure your messages are cohesive, clear, and persuasive to customers.

Here at Unique Influence, we are committed to helping brands strategize, execute, and optimize multi-channel digital campaigns that deliver measurable results.

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