Unique Influence has been at the forefront of mobile app advertising on Facebook from the start. We’ve created a guide to offer our expertise to anyone looking to efficiently acquire the right customers for their mobile app.

A good customer acquisition strategy gives you a clear plan to determine which audiences will adopt your app, and what messaging will compel them to download. While anyone can easily run a small test that advertises an app, doing so without a full plan behind it can lead to false conclusions.

Unique Influence approaches mobile app advertising on Facebook by following this six step plan:

  • Understanding the target customer
  • Creating an ad plan
  • Tracking everything
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns closely
  • Testing campaign variables
  • Quickly iterating on campaigns

When creating the right strategy for advertising your mobile app, it’s important to choose a partner that has experience and one that will track and inform you about what is working, where, and why.

Download the complete blueprint for a successful user acquisition campaign on Facebook by accessing the eBook today.

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