Their Story

EverlyWell- an innovative brand offering at-home kit testing- entered the market and partnered with Unique Influence in order to profitably drive new customers to purchase kits online. Through a customer-first, full-funnel approach to EverlyWell’s digital advertising, Unique Influence aggressively scaled performance and growth across all key performance indicators.

The Goal

EverlyWell wanted to increase brand awareness, strengthen the loyalty of the return clientele, and profitably drive new customers to purchase kits online.

Their Solution

The partnership began with EverlyWell’s heightened focus on increasing conversions and decreasing cost per action for their food sensitivity test. Given the specificity of this undertaking, Unique Influence focused heavily on audience building and testing, platform testing, ad variance (which included dynamic product ads), and creative testing in order to meet and exceed expectations. Through calculated expertise and data-driven logic, Unique Influence was able to increase conversions by 331% and decrease cost per action by 19%.

Their Success

EverlyWell’s at-home food sensitivity test purchases skyrocketed in the weeks following the initial Unique Influence partnership. Furthermore, the Unique Influence strategy conclusively yielded:

  • 19% decrease in cost per action
  • 21% increase in click through rate
  • 24% increase in ROAS
  • 140% increase in brand exposure, derived through overall impressions
  • 331% increase in conversions