Success Story

Tuckernuck is an online boutique offering a product line which “represents a timeless look based on ease, tradition and American cool.” The ecommerce brand came to Unique Influence looking for cost-effective social advertising solutions to help new customers discover their business and to bring back previous customers and website visitors to make additional purchases.

Unique Influence developed a strategy which delivered outstanding results and exceeded campaign goals. Facebook carousel ads was a main driver in the outstanding campaign performance.


To help Tuckernuck achieve its objectives, Unique Influence created and implemented a two pronged strategy focusing on both prospecting to a new customer base and retargeting to existing customers. Fresh and eye catching ad creative was essential to the Tuckernuck Facebook ad strategy. Ad creative needed to convey the image and lifestyle of the Tuckernuck brand while also connecting with the audiences most likely to make purchases on the ecommerce site.

The prospecting strategy involved tapping into a combination of Facebook lookalike audiences, built around segments of existing customers, as well as interest based targeting. Concurrent to prospecting for new customers, the Unique team also implemented a retargeting strategy. The aim of retargeting was to reach individuals who had visited the Tuckernuck website without making a purchase.

Over the course of the campaign, ongoing creative testing was essential to campaign success. The Unique Influence team tested two types of Facebook ads for the creative strategy – single ad images featuring one product, and carousel ads with multiple images showcasing multiple products.

In one month of running both types of ad creatives, Unique Influence found outstanding success using Facebook carousel ads, with a 16% boost in ROAS and a $41 boost in AOV in prospecting campaigns to new customers. Remarketing campaigns saw similar success with carousel ads, with a 20% boost in ROAS and a $13 boost in AOV.


A strong creative testing methodology enabled the Unique Influence team to discover the power of carousel ads, and expand on that potential to deliver outstanding advertising results, driving both high return on ad spend and higher average order value for Tuckernuck.