Zola’s Promoted Pin Success Story – Hitting the Target Bullseye and Increasing Conversions

By May 3, 2015 March 16th, 2017 No Comments

Zola, an online wedding registry, uses Pinterest to reinforce their brand as a sleek, simple and easy-to-use service. When the company decided to introduce Pinterest Promoted Pins into their Pinterest strategy, they turned to Unique Influence to ensure their ads were shown to the right people at the right time in order to improve conversion rates.

Zola partnered with Unique Influence – a partnership featured in Zola’s Pinterest Success Story – to methodically create a two-pronged Promoted Pins strategy which would hit the bullseye on targeting, improve click-through rates and increase conversions. The first part of this strategy focused on finding the relevant terms Zola’s customers were searching for online. The second part of the strategy involved honing Zola’s Promoted Pin ad targeting to ensure maximum ROI.

The Unique Influence team helped Zola’s Pins become more easily discoverable by potential customers in search results and category feeds with a strategy to utilize highly-searched, relevant terms. These search terms were ones which Zola’s target audience would be most likely to use while seeking wedding information online – think “wedding planning” and “registry ideas” as two examples.

Once our team found the right search terms, we then paired those terms with Pins. Those Pins varied from inspirational images to product-specific items. A key aspect of this part of Zola’s Promoted Pin strategy included reviewing the data on these relevant search terms to determine which low-performing terms could be removed and which high-performing terms should receive a renewed focus.

The second phase of our Promoted Pins strategy for Zola involved targeting to ensure Zola’s efforts were reaching the correct demographic. In this case, that demographic was men and women in the United States. The targeting strategy, however, did not stop there.

To ensure maximum ROI for Zola, we dug a little deeper into demographic actions. That is where our team discovered tendencies in Zola’s audience which we felt could improve results and help Zola reach the objectives of increased conversions. Because Zola’s target audience tended to repin on mobile devices and convert on computers, we broadened Promoted Pin targeting to all devices.

The results, of our two-pronged approach to Zola’s Promoted Pins process were very successful. As a result of our partnership, Zola has seen a 44% increase in conversions and a more than 50% increase in click-through rates.

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